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An explosion of kittens

This is just an interesting case that was sent to me and I wanted to share it with you.  It involves a female cat that was surrendered to the humane […]

6 tips for keeping the subcuticular knot from popping up through the skin incision

Veterinarians often ask me: “What can I do to prevent my subcuticular end knot from popping up through the skin incision?” This problem can occur more often in the patient that has very little subcutaneous fat.

The knot can be irritating and cause the patient to lick and pick at the incision. By making some small changes, such as making the end knot smaller by using only 3 throws and/or a smaller suture material; and paying attention to details, this problem can be minimized. Watch the video for more details.

The Finger Trap Tie

The finger trap tie, also known as the Chinese finger trap tie is definitely my favourite way to secure a drain, tube or urinary catheter to a patient. The finger […]

Lavaging the abdomen efficiently and effectively

Lavaging the abdomen is not a complicated procedure yet it does offer it’s challenges. Often, lavaging a septic abdomen can take longer than doing the reparative surgery itself.

Watch the video to see how to strategically lavage the abdomen to ensure thoroughness while being sensitive to the amount of time the part of the surgery is taking. I also discuss some guidelines as to how much lavaging is sufficient in various types of situations.