Persistent Lameness in a dog after a Successful Luxated Elbow Reduction

I thought this was an interesting case to share with you as it illustrates the importance of fully examining a joint after a trauma.  This young adult, large breed dog had presented to the local veterinarian after being hit by a car.  It had luxated its elbow.  

The veterinarian had successfully reduced the luxation and placed him in a spica bandage for 10 days.  The dog did quite well, the elbow was stable and the dog happily used the limb; however, the dog had a constant mild (with rest) to moderate (with exercise) lameness.  When I examined him, about 2 months after the original trauma, I found that he had a torn lateral collateral ligament. 

Watch the video to see how this simple test is performed.  We stabilized the elbow and he went on to do very well.