The Secret to having the Bandage stay Above the Stifle

Too commonly, when a bandage that is meant to be ABOVE the stifle of a dog, falls below the stifle with hours (or less) of being applied. It feels like the hind limb of a dog was simply not meant to be successfully bandaged.

The key to creating a bandage that will stay above the stifle of a dog is in the:

amount of padding used between the hock and stifle the way the bandaging material is applied at and above the stifle it has NOTHING to do with stirrups!!

The video shows and describes it best so please watch it. The video has the added information on how to apply a splint to this hindlimb bandage. The splinted, above the stifle, bandage is ideal for a tibial fracture, especially if it is midshaft or distal. 

I love the simplicity of this technique!