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How to properly Use Doyens

 Doyens are used to help keep bowel content from leaking out when doing surgery on the intestinal tract. The problem is that many surgeons do not know how to properly use them (this is my pet peeve!); when improperly used, they can be damaging to the bowel. The odd thing is that their proper use is not that intuitive. Watch the video, once you see how/why to use them properly, you will never forget!

How to do a subcutaneous closure with buried knots

The purpose of the subcutaneous closure is to reduce dead space and approximate skin edges.  The start and end knots should be created in such a way that they will not protrude into the dermal component of the incision itself.  Watch this video to see the different ways to do a subcutaneous closure and how to bury the knots.

4 Skin Suture Patterns

Watch this video to be see how to properly use tie suture knots and use the instruments.  How to create different skin suturing patterns : Simple interrupted; Cruciate pattern; Simple […]

Bandage Forms for Function

The form of the bandage dictates its function.  An orthopedic bandage’s main function is usually to, maybe immobilize a limb.  A wound management bandage mainly needs to keep a wound […]