How to properly use skin glue in dogs and cats

Skin glue is used commonly in general practice and, in truth, it rarely is associated with complications. When there is a problem, however, it can be difficult to address, trust me, as that is usually my job.

It is important to keep the skin glue EXTRENAL, never within the tissues. The glue should be applied “ON TOP” of the incision, on the epidermis, so that it can sloughed off with the epidermal cells. Watch the video for a demonstration: 1) dry the skin well; 2) use an instrument or two to keep the skin edges apposed; 3) apply the glue on top of the incision.

Skin glue is best used on small incisions or to help ‘fix’ a poorly closed area of a longer incision. Needless to say, starting with a good subcutaneous closure is important.