How to pick a TPLO course and actually do the surgery once you get home!

When selecting a hands-on workshop it is important they only discuss one topic so that you can focus on learning the procedure in a way to do it at when you get home.  For a TPLO course, it will need to be a multi-day course in order to cover the necessary information and get enough practice (doing the surgery once is definitely NOT enough).  The instructor to student ratio should be manageable (8 students working in pairs to 1 instructor is a good ratio); if there are assistant instructors, be sure that they are equally qualified also.  Fresh frozen cadavers are best for learning.  For any hands-on workshop, it is important to do the procedure more than once!  The course should also emphasize the post-operative care (what you expect to see and how to manage) as well as case selection.  When you return home, it is important to review the notes and videos, numerous times; practice on cadavers and ensure that the staff working in the OR with you understand what their role might be, how to prepare the patient and set up the OR.