Ehmer Sling on a Dog

To create an Ehmer sling on a dog – please watch video:

  • Use 1” or 2” white tape for this sling
  • Create a loose loop along the metatarsals with the tape ready to be extended up along the medial aspect of the limb/thigh
  • Pull the tape high up in the groin are with the stifle and hock flexed
  • Continue pulling tape back down the lateral aspect of the thigh
  • And then medial to the hock (slight twist required) and back to the starting point plantar to the metatarsals.
  • Repeat this loop 1-2 more times.
  • Leave on for 7-10 days (never more than 14)

I do not even attempt to place on e of these on a cat.  Just place the cat in a kennel after a closed hip reduction.