Cruciate Workshop Testimonials

If you think you are doing a good job on your ACL repairs, you should take Anne Sylvestre’s web lab. You will learn to do them a lot better and a lot faster. If you are not doing your own ACL repairs, take this course and you will be able to confidently and competently perform this surgery. Anne has reduced an intimidating surgical procedure to four simple steps.

Hi Anne. Just wanted to thank you for the excellent workshop on cruciates that I attended in Feb. I really appreciated the comfortable atmosphere and individual, hands-on learning opportunity. It has immensely increased my knowledge and confidence in this surgery – I successfully removed the medial meniscus from a feline stifle last week! Thanks again.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel! You have demystified the cruciate surgery for me. The step-by-step approach has me ready, willing and able to confidently tackle my next cruciate surgery.

I truly enjoyed the workshop. It was direct, with lots of hands-on work. We focused on one topic/technique and learnt it well. I have high hopes that it will enhance the standard of my practice.

Thank you for a great confidence builder in a very non-intimidating environment. You are a good instructor.

So far, the best workshop I have taken due to the extensive hands-on and one-on-one experience. Also a very comfortable atmosphere.

Without a doubt one of the most practical, informative workshops I have ever attended! The visual and hands-on techniques were awesome. Thanks!!

If this workshop is any indication of the quality of future workshops, Focus and Flourish workshops will be very valuable and important

I appreciate the organization and the willingness of sharing knowledge and technique. It can only make the profession better.

The individual Attention and hands-on experience was empowering. Bring on the cruciates!

Brilliant course. Informative, well organized and fun.

Thank you so much for the video and everything… the gift of knowledge.

This seminar has increased my confidence by informing me about what I did not know (but I thought I did); the approach will not be forgotten.

This is my third seminar. I enjoyed each of them; cruciates was the greatest investment that I have made…

I feel like I truly understand how to handle a cruciate surgery! Clear, concise and to the point instruction, combined with excellent hands-on labs have left me looking forward to my next case!

As a self proclaimed ‘orthopedic-phobe’ I was convinced I would not be able to do this surgery even after instruction. I left this two day course feeling confident that I will be able to do this technique (as long as I don’t cut the friggin’ L.D.E. tendon!)

Advanced Cruciate Workshop Testimonials

In-depth, detailed and hands-on instruction create a thorough understanding of the topic.

Very well presented – dealt with the more difficult parts in an elementary way.

Very practical course – found some definite ways to improve my technique. Anne definitely speaks to practitioners.

This has been the best CE I have ever attended in 20 years of veterinary medicine. I would strongly recommend this to anyone.

I’ve been doing cruciates for 15 years and this workshop made me more confident to do a better job for each patient.

Very good workshop. Practical, useful tips aplenty. Worth every penny.

As a practitioner that feels comfortable doing cruciate surgery, this workshop has provided me with a better understanding of meniscal issues and the confidence that I am doing well for my patients.

Perineal Urethrostomies Workshop Testimonials

This workshop made what I always perceived as a difficult surgery a surgery I would be able to perform comfortably.

The highest praise I can give is that I feel like I can do this surgery without hesitation (and I’m NOT particularly inclined toward surgery).

Excellent course. The little ‘practice pearls’ are great – you can’t find these gems in a box nor a large group. Great personalized attention.

I feel so confident after this course that I actually am looking forward to my next recurringly blocked cat.

Came hesitant, left confident… Thanks!

Medial Luxating Patellas Workshop

After this luxating patella course I am more confident my patients will benefit from the surgery when I do it. I know when and when not to attempt one.

Wonderfully informative, practical workshop. I will recommend and perform more of these procedures now that I feel very comfortable with the technique.

This is my third seminar. I enjoyed each of them…

These workshops are always worthwhile, and a great hands-on educational experience.