Is Focus & Flourish Right for You?

shih-tzu-puppyMost of us have all been to web labs where we came out lacking the confidence to perform the procedure in our own practice. Focus & Flourish presents techniques in a way that is geared towards ensuring you can perform the procedure in your practice immediately.

There are numerous reasons to choose Focus & Flourish:

  • Practical
    We maximize time spent actually performing the surgical technique. Theory is minimized, with only important pertinent information presented in the detail needed to ensure you get great results.
  • Hands-On
    You are the one who performs the surgery. At Focus & Flourish you learn by doing, ensuring you will leave feeling confident in your skills.
  • Focused
    We focus on one technique only to maximize your skill at the surgical procedure. By focusing the learning experience, you gain the skills you need to perform the surgery in your practice with confidence.
  • Repetitive
    In surgery, repetition is a good thing; the more you practice a technique, the better your skills. At Focus & Flourish, you not only do the surgery, you do it repeatedly to ensure you get the most practical experience possible from our workshops.
  • Successful
    Our techniques lead to success. Our teaching technique is based on successful outcomes, drawing on our experience with a large number of cases.

    • “This has been the best CE I have ever attended in 20 years of veterinary medicine. I would strongly recommend this to anyone.”
      -Dr. Terry White

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