Pins, Plates & External Fixators in Costa Rica


The workshop is a practical, hands-on, informative and fun way to learn how to the basic fracture repair techniques. In this workshop pinning, plating and external fixator applications will be taught and practiced. The key to the success of Focus and Flourish’s workshops is the abundance of visual aids, insisting on participation, repetition and lots of practice. In the workshop we will focus on understanding how to: repair a fracture with pins and wires, select and apply a plate and screws, select and apply an external fixator. You will master the approach to the humerus, femur, radius and tibia after learning the surgical anatomy. There will be a lot of practice on cadavers and simply on working with the instruments and implants. Of course we will be discussing post operative care and how to keep your success rate high and stress levels down.

Workshop Agenda                             14 RACE credits

Spaces: 16

  • Dec 3: 8:00am   Departs from Adventure Inn, lunch at La Parcela 1:30 Arrival to Cristal Ballena 5:00 Welcome cocktail by the pool
  • Dec 4: 8:00am   Introduction 8:15 General Equipment 8:45 IM pinning and cerclage wires 9:30 Approach to the tibia and femur 10:15 Fracture reduction techniques 10:30 – 12:00 Cadavers: Pin femur and tibia


  • Dec 5: 8:00am   Q&A and Review 8:05 Plating – technique and equipment 9:20 Practice plating 9:50 Approaches to the radius and humerus 10:20 Combining pins and plates 10:30 – 12:00 Cadavers: plate radius and Pin/plate humerus
  • Dec 6: 6:00 PM  Q&A session by the pool
  • Dec 7: 8:00am Q&A and Review 8:05 Implant materials and Quality 8:30 External Fixators – technique and equipment 9:50 Practice external fixators application 10:20 Combining pins with external fixators 10:30 – 12:00 Cadavers – ex fix a tibia and pin/ex fix a femur
  • Dec 8: 8:00am   Q&A and Review 8:05 Post operative Care (general and focused) 9:00 Case selection and prognosis 10:00 – 12:00 Cadavers – free choice
  • Dec 9: 10:00am  Departure from Cristal Ballena; lunch at Villa Calettas 4:00 Arrival at Adventure Inn


The Crystal Ballena Resort and Spa is a beautiful boutique hotel with 30 acres of private tropical gardens located in the Osa peninsula, where the mountains meet the sea.

The suites are spacious, and each has a balcony and ocean view. During the week of December 3rd to 9th, the Cristal Ballena will be occupied mostly by Focus and Flourish participants and guests.

The registration fee includes single or double accommodations from December 3rd to 9th (6 nights); breakfast for up to 2 persons; shuttle service to and from the San Jose airport for up to 2 persons (all local taxes are included).

Further arrangements can be made if you will be more than 2 persons,

please call Focus and Flourish 519-219-0573 for additional information.

Registration Fee

  • Registration fee includes the workshop registration fee AND the accommodations (see section on Accommodations)
  • Registration fee $3,995 (+ HST) per participant

For more info call: 519-219-0573;  or e-mail:

The registration includes:

  • Adventure Inn hotel by airport (Dec 2 and Dec 9) for 2 persons
  • Cristal Ballena accommodation 6 nights for 2 persons (Dec 3-8)
  • Breakfasts at respective hotels for 2 persons.
  • Transportation to and from Adventure Inn to Cristal Ballena
  • Course tuition with detailed notes and associated information
  • Certificate of completion
  • 14 RACE hours


The entire fee (accommodations and registration) will be charged upon registering. There will be NO REFUNDS OR CREDITS given 30 days or less from the scheduled arrival dates, and transportation (other than the shuttle offered by Focus And Flourish between the Adventure Inn and Cristal Ballena Resort on Dec 3 and 9)

What is not included:

  •     Lunches and dinners

Things to Do and Excursions

The Southern Pacific coast of Costa Rica offers an abundance of activities including: snorkeling, diving, boat tours, bird watching, spectacular wildlife viewing mangrove tours, hiking, zip lining, waterfall rappelling, white water rafting, sea kayaking and of course simply relaxing on the beach or by the pool.

Transportation while at the Cristal Ballena:  transportation can be included in excursion packages; local car rental company will bring car to the hotel; cabs are available; car rentals and cabs can be shared with other participants.

The Beach is within walking distance.  Restaurant at Cristal Ballena is excellent plus 2 others within walking distance.

Getting There

The Juan Santamaria airport in San Jose is the closest international airport. It is a beautiful 3 hour drive from the airport to the Cristal Ballena.  A free shuttle will take you from the San Jose airport to the Adventure Inn.  Focus and Flourish will arrange to transport you from the Adventure Inn to the Cristal Ballena and back.  You can rent a vehicle if you plan on doing some touring on your own. Please contact us for directions.

The roads in Costa Rica have improved tremendously in the past few years but they are not the fast multi-lane highways of North America. If you do rent a vehicle, we recommend you get a 4X4 and a GPS. This will greatly enhance your driving experience in this country. We do not recommend driving long distances after sunset as there are no street lights and often no sidewalks.




  • 6 Days

Spaces Available

  • Maximum 16 registrants


  • Registration Fee: $4,514.35 ($3,995.00 + HST)

Next Workshop

  • Date: Dec 3-9, 2017
  • Location: Cristal Ballena, Uvita, Puntarenas

We reserve the right to cancel a workshop if there are not enough participants.

Should this occur, the tuition fee will be fully refunded.  Please contact us for updates on registration status before booking your flights. 

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