Pins & Plates

RACE  credits = 16


Course Description

The workshop is a practical, hands-on, informative and fun way to learn how to the basic fracture repair techniques. In this workshop pinning and plating applications will be taught and practiced. The key to the success of Focus and Flourish’s workshops is the abundance of visual aids, small number of participants, participation, repetition and lots of hands-on practice.

  • In the workshop we will focus on:
  • understanding how to: repair a fracture with pins and wires;
  • how to select and apply a plate and screws,
  • how to combine the two to increase the types of fractures that can be repaired; and how to choose the appropriate technique for each case.

You will master the approach to the humerus, femur, radius and tibia after learning the surgical anatomy. There will be a lot of practice using cadavers. Of course we will be discussing post operative care and how to keep your success rate high and stress level low.

Who Is This Course For?

Any veterinary practitioner who is comfortable with surgery and wishes to be able to repair many of the fractures that are currently being splinted or referred.

Pins & Plates Workshops