Perineal Urethrostomies

Anne takes her 30+ years of experience and over 300 perineal urethrostomy surgeries to bring you practical tips that work.

Course information:

The emphasis of this course is on how to perform a perineal urethrostomy (PU) in the cat. We will begin by reviewing the anatomy of the feline Lower Urinary Tract and then we will get into the specifics of the surgery.  We will also cover other relevant topics such as instruments, post-operative care, catheters and complications.

Course Objectives:

  • Review the anatomy of the lower urinary tract in the cat as it pertains to this surgery.
  • Understand the surgical principle and approach.
  • Learn how to properly create the new stoma to prevent leakage and stricture formation.
  • Discuss the post-operative care.
  • Review the types of catheters that can be used in these cases.
  • Discuss case selection to help increase the success rate.
  • Review necessary instrumentation to perform this surgery.

Course Format:

  • This is a pre-recorded course.
  • It consists of 2 narrated power-point presentations:
    • The Surgery: covers the anatomy, the surgery and voiding urohydropulsion
    • Additional information: covers post-operative care, instrumentation, catheters, early and late complications.
  • A narrated video of Dr. Sylvestre performing the surgery on a patient. We recommend that you watch this video every time before performing the surgery.
  • Once you register for this course you will receive a “passcode” to the specific section on our website which will give you access to all the course materials. There is no expiry date to this passcode.

Course Materials:

  • A comprehensive PDF handbook that can be downloaded.
  • Two narrated powerpoint presentations which have been exported to a video format so they can readily be placed in fast-forward, rewind and pause modes by the viewer.
  • A narrated video of the surgery performed by Dr. Sylvestre on one of her patients.
  • A quiz which the participant must submit and pass with a minimum of 70% in order to be awarded the RACE credits.

CE Credits:

  • RACE Credits: 2.5

Course Presenter:   Dr. Anne Sylvestre


  • Registration Fee: $254.25 ($225.00 + HST)

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