Luxating Patellae

The teachings in this workshop are based on Anne’s experience and her very high success rate managing over 1500 patients with luxating patellae.

CE credits = 8 hours

What Is It?

This 1 day workshop focuses on:

  • Assessing and managing the trochlear groove
  • Easily and securely transposing the tibial crest
  • Knowing which patients need surgery
  • Selecting cases to achieve a high success rate
  • Increasing your success rate by implementing a good rehabilitation program

The luxating patellae workshop is taught in a fun, intimate, interactive, and hands-on environment. You will leave with the confidence to repair luxating patellae in your own practice.

Who Is This Course For?

This course is ideal for practitioners who want to learn to perform luxating patellae surgeries in their own practice with confidence.

Luxating Patellae Workshops