Gastointestinal Surgeries

Course information:

This course uses narrated slides and videos to show the participant how and when to do various gastrointestinal (GI) surgeries in dogs and cats.   It is appropriate for the novice surgeon as well as a great review for the more seasoned one.

Course Objectives:

  • To understand how to properly do a gastrotomy.
  • To understand how to properly do an enterotomy
  • To understand when and how to properly do a resection anastomosis (RnA)
  • Case selection: know which cases are likely to keep you up at night!!
  • What are the necessary instruments and how to use them.
  • When to change gloves and instruments (with some tips)

Course Format:

  • This is a pre-recorded course.
  • A narrated slide presentation is used to make the necessary points.
  • Each technique is demonstrated via a short video embedded within the slide show.
  • Once you register for this course you will receive a passcode via email. This passcode will give you access to all the course materials.  There is no expiry date.

Course Materials:

  • A narrated slide presentation (video format), with embedded videos, which is approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes in duration.
  • A quiz which the participant must submit and pass with a minimum score of 70% in order to be awarded the RACE credits.

CE Credits:

  • RACE Credits: 1.25

Course Presenter:   Dr. Anne Sylvestre BSc, DVM, DVSc CCRP, Diplomate ACVS/ECVS


  • Registration Fee: $141.25 ($125.00 + HST)

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