Exploratory Laparotomies for Dogs and Cats

Course information:

This course uses narrated slides and videos to show the participant how and when to do an exploratory laparotomy (ex lap) on a dog or cat.  What organs to biopsy and how to obtain the biopsies are described in detail and demonstrated.  How to do a securely do a continuous pattern closure on a lengthy linea alba incision is also shown.  This course takes the guessing of the exploratory laparotomy.

Course Objectives:

  • Review indications for performing an ex lap.
  • Understand how to properly perform the ex lap; including checking the gutters.
  • What to biopsy (not optional!!).
  • How to obtain diagnostic biopsies.
  • How to close a lengthy abdominal incision with a continuous pattern (optional!)

Course Format:

  • This is a pre-recorded course.
  • A narrated slide presentation is used to make the necessary points.
  • Each technique is demonstrated via a short video embedded within the slide show.
  • A narrated video of a complete exploratory laparotomy, including biopsies, accompanies this workshop.
  • Once you register for this course you will receive a passcode via email. This passcode will give you access to all the course materials.  There is no expiry date.

Course Materials:

  • A narrated slide presentation, with embedded videos, which is approximately 60 minutes in duration.
  • A narrated video of a complete exploratory laparotomy, including biopsies, approximately 25 minutes in duration.
  • A quiz which the participant must submit and pass with a minimum score of 70% in order to be awarded the RACE credits.

CE Credits:

  • RACE Credits: 1.5

Course Presenter:   Dr. Anne Sylvestre BSc, DVM, DVSc CCRP, Diplomate ACVS/ECVS


  • Registration Fee: $141.25 ($125.00 + HST)

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