Gaining More Confidence in Your Surgical Technique with Veterinary Surgical Workshops

Veterinarians have many challenges to tackle. One of the biggest issues veterinarians face is having the confidence to perform surgeries. This isn’t surprising since surgeries come with the risk of infection, injury, and even death, especially risks from major procedures. However, vets have to realize that their lack of confidence in their surgical technique can actually make them less competitive. This will ultimately hold them back from achieving professional success.


What’s Affecting Your Confidence Level?

If you’re a veterinarian who’s struggling with performing surgeries, you need to understand why. Why don’t you feel confident to do certain surgical procedures? What’s holding you back from performing them like a pro? There might be several reasons for this, such as the following:


  • Lack of knowledge — If you’re not familiar with the anatomy of the area where the surgery is done, you most likely won’t feel confident about opening it up and touching the affected organs and tissues.


  • Lack of skills — Certain surgical procedures require specific skills. If you have not mastered the required surgical technique, it’s hard to be confident that you’ll get the procedure right.


  • Lack of experience — Practice makes perfect, as the saying goes. If you’ve done a certain surgery just once or twice, you may not trust yourself to do it perfectly.


Having low self-confidence usually affects new graduates. In 2003 survey by the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association, 76 percent of the respondents believed that new veterinary graduates lacked confidence and competence (or both) and that it was a serious problem. Veterinarians, that have been in practice for years, may also feel the same lack of confidence in their own clinics.


The Best Solution

There are several ways to become more confident about performing veterinary surgeries. Again, one of the best solutions is to attend veterinary surgical workshops. By doing so, you’ll learn from skillful and experienced veterinarians who will walk you through the process and explain each step. You’ll also undergo practice surgeries, which will help you refresh your skills and knowledge while gaining new ones.


Many organizations offer these workshops but, if you want to get excellent value for your time and money, your best choice is Focus and Flourish. We stand out from other veterinary surgical workshop providers in that we focus not just on theory but also on surgical technique. We don’t just rehash the information you learned in vet school; rather, we promote a hands-on approach that will teach you practical skills and modern methods and give you the chance to repeat the process until you’ve mastered it. This way, we can ensure that you’ll be able to perform the surgery with confidence when you get back to your clinic.


We offer a wide range of workshops that cover different surgical procedures, including pinning and plating, cruciate repairs, perineal urethrostomies, and femoral head ostectomies. So, you only have to identify the procedure you’re not confident with then book a spot for the relevant workshop. Give us a call today to make your reservations or learn more about our veterinary surgical workshops.




Interested in one of Focus and Flourish’s veterinary continuing education workshops? They’re held in cities with major international airports in Western (Calgary) and Eastern (Toronto) Canada. The workshops are just a flight away from cities like New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and other cities worldwide.